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    Warren Hall

    About me

    I’ve been climbing for roughly 3 years now. Predominantly in and around London, getting outside when I can, you know.

    Been instructing for almost the same length of time too as a freelancer for XC, and even managed to get out and teach at camps on the west coast of USA.

    And now, I’m sloooowly moving into the worlds of coaching aaaand Route Setting!


    Your Setting Experience

    I completed my RSA course with Arrampica at the end of 2015, and since then have been learning the tricks of the trade. Setting Roped Routes, Bouldering problems and have set and run a couple of in-house junior comps.

    Looking to build my portfolio and develop my experience and skills whilst I set at different walls.


    United Kingdom / South East

    Setter ability

    Boulder (unroped), Route (roped)

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    Description of work performed

    Setting a variety of traversing and Bouldering problems/circuits. Ranging between V0-V7. Working within a variety of route styles; corners, overhangs, slabs etc.

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    Valid RSA Course

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    XC, Sportspace

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    Description of work performed

    I’ve set within a grade range of 3+ to 7a+ so far. On walls between 8 and 14 metres.
    Using different styles of walls; slabs, corners, overhangs etc.