• Basic Details

    Andrew 'Yorkie' York

    About me

    I am the Regional Route Setting Manager for all LCC London sites. I’ve been climbing since 2012 starting off at XC climbing centre. Now I mainly set and work at HarroWall with the occasional set at other LCC sites. I urgently set a lot of boulders but do set routes from time to time.

    Your Setting Experience

    Level 2 RSA by Arrampica
    VauxWall Climbing Centre
    Lakeland/Kendal Climbing Centre
    Reading Climbing Centre
    Westway Climbing Centre
    Whitespider Climbing
    Big Rock Milton Keynes
    High Sports Basildon
    Have set for VauxWall’s local competitions such as their VauxComp, FunComp, Summer and Winter league. Have also set for their VauxSquad selection event for selecting the junior team.
    Have set for other local comps like XC’s General competition and have set a few problems for Basildons Halloween comp.
    Recently have set for Boulder Brightons ABK summer comp
    Kendals Marmot Masters Comp


    United Kingdom / East of England, United Kingdom / London, United Kingdom / South East

    Setter ability

    Boulder (unroped), Route (roped), Local Competition

  • Boulder Setter Reference
    Work Reference Institution

    Centre Manager

    Description of work performed

    Route setting of VauxWall

  • Route Setter Reference
    Work Reference Name

    Rich ‘Tricky’ Hudson

    Work Reference Institution

    Setting manager – Westway

    Description of work performed

    Setting ropes at Westway

  • Local Comp Reference
    Work Reference Name

    Tom Hull/Chris Kirkpatrick/Tom Bauer

    Work Reference Institution

    Vauxwall centre manager/xc climbing manager/Boulder Brighton manager

    Description of work performed

    Vauxwall – set VauxComp, Funcomp, summer and winter league as well as VauxSquad Selection
    XC – Local comp
    Boulder Brighton – ABK summer comp