• Basic Details

    Sandra Adler

    About me

    Australian based in London for the last 12 years.
    I started climbing over 5 years ago and I am excited to be part of an industry that has exploded in popularity, and which is becoming increasingly accessible.
    I climb indoors and outdoors, bouldering and sport.

    Your Setting Experience

    I started setting in Summer 2019.
    I have set at Flash Solihull, TCA the Mothership, The Climbing Experience, LCCs CroyWall and HarroWall, Westway, and The Reach.
    I have attended and set at two setting workshops at Yonder, run by Impact Routesetting.
    I climb and set comfortably in the V3-5 range, with V6 as my current climbing max on boulders.
    I love to set flowing problems and to introduce technique at lower grades.
    I am happy to travel widely in the UK for setting work.


    United Kingdom / East Midlands, United Kingdom / London, United Kingdom / South East, United Kingdom / West Midlands, United Kingdom / Yorkshire and the Humber

    Telephone Number


    Setter ability

    Boulder (unroped)

  • Boulder Setter Reference
    Work Reference Institution

    The Climbing Academy

    Description of work performed

    4 days setting at TCA Mothership.