• Basic Details

    Sam Tolhurst

    About me

    Hello, I am Sam

    I am a keen all round rock climber. Love training, sport climbing, bouldering and traditional climbing. Based in South Wales but climb in many various places. When I am not climbing I work part time in the local wall and run my own business. I am down to earth, honest and friendly. simple as that :).

    Your Setting Experience

    Have been regularly setting in Aber Rocks wall in Abergavenny for the last 4 years. This Included regular route stripping and re-setting, setting for comps and setting training (endurance) style circuit boards. Have just recently begun looking and setting elsewhere. I like to do a good job and take my work seriously. I have good experience setting boulders and have all necessary tools (except cant get my ladder in my car). Very keen to set at new walls and happy to set during the more unsociable hours (late/early) of the day if needed. Happy to travel moderate distance (if discussed).
    Please feel free to give me a call!


    United Kingdom / Wales

    Setter ability

    Boulder (unroped), Local Competition

  • Boulder Setter Reference
    Work Reference Institution

    Aber Rocks Bouldering Wall

    Description of work performed

    Regular Route Setting over the last 4 years. Involving whole room strips and resets, circuit board and traverse setting as well as competition setting.

  • Local Comp Reference
    Work Reference Name

    Aber Rocks (Huw)

    Work Reference Institution

    Aber Rock Bouldering Wall

    Description of work performed

    Set at this wall for many competitions. Seasonal competitions such as Christmas or anniversary competitions. League style competions, onsight/flash style competitions and worked/friendly competitions. Set for both public and private competitions.