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    Nate McMullan

    About me

    I have been Route Setting professionally for around 8 years and strive to set the most interesting and challenging problems and routes across the grade range. Climbing Wall Services (my company) specialises in large sets with a full strip, wash and re-set service. The CWS sets are fast and very high quality, we operate to RSA best practice and guarantee client satisfaction.
    My experience includes:
    Head Setter – Climbing Wall Services, Head Trainer RSA
    MIA, SPA, MLS, MLW, IRATA, Full AMI Member, MT/MTA Provider
    ABC Training and Technical Committees
    GB Paraclimbing Team Technical Advisor
    Climbing experience: Over 15 years bouldering, trad, alpine and winter all over on many types of rock

    Your Setting Experience

    Professional setting circa 8 years.
    Head Setter 7 years
    Various clients include; leisure centres, schools, dedicated centres.
    I have been responsible for overseeing a successful multi- site commercial setting operation for over five years, including all aspects of actual setting and all management.

    Route Setting 3-7b+
    Boulders 3-7b


    United Kingdom / East Midlands, United Kingdom / East of England, United Kingdom / London, United Kingdom / South East, United Kingdom / West Midlands, United Kingdom / Yorkshire and the Humber

    Setter ability

    Boulder (unroped), Route (roped), Paraclimbing, Local Competition

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    Description of work performed

    Head Setter past 6 years, all aspects of setting and managing setters.

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    Valid IRATA

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    IRATA Level 3, RSA Head Trainer, Former CWMA RS2 Trainer, MIA

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    Work Reference Institution

    Climbing Wall Services

    Description of work performed

    Head Setter, Head Trainer

  • Para Climbing Reference
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    CWS / BMC

    Description of work performed

    Setting for various Paraclimbing events including 2013 World Cup

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    Many local comps set for including; AMI Comp 2014, Matrix comps (various), Cambridge Climbing Centre (Various), and Paraclimbing World Cup 2013