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    Jamie Merrick

    About me

    Growing up in Cornwall I started Trad climbing on the granite coast. My passion for sport climbing developed when I moved to Brighton in 2012 where I started working at an indoor wall. Iv’e since moved to Cardiff where i split my time between studying, exploring the Pembrokeshire coast and working at a local climbing wall.

    I enjoy all disciplines of the sport frequently making trips abroad and within the UK involving Trad, Sport, DWS and Bouldering.
    On a good day, my maximum sport grade: 8a Boulder: Font 7b

    I’m SPA, CWLA, and CWA qualified and have been instructing and coaching full time for the past three years

    Whilst working in a climbing wall I discovered my passion for route setting and have been working hard to develop skills and experience.

    Your Setting Experience

    My first taste of route setting came years ago when I built a bouldering wall in a dilapidated shed in Cornwall where I spent the colder months training.

    I’ve been setting for the past two years at my local center, High sports Brighton, and over the past six months have set in various centers including Crawley, Lewisham, Alton, and Wycombe.

    Often working as a carpenter, I revamped the training area in my local center including a set of hardwood climbing holds I made from reclaimed oak and beech.

    Alongside regular rope and boulder sets I’ve also set for the annual competitions at High Sports Brighton.

    The combination of creativity, physicality, and problem solving involved in route setting keeps me inspired and constantly motivated, a feeling I intend to share with others through my route setting.


    United Kingdom / South West, United Kingdom / Wales

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    73 Courvette court, Atlantic wharf, Cardiff. CF10 4NN.

    Setter ability

    Boulder (unroped), Route (roped)

  • Boulder Setter Reference
    Work Reference Institution

    High Sports Brighton

    Description of work performed

    Days setting of routes ranging between V0 – V7

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    Internal training provided by High-Sport Group Ltd

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  • Route Setter Reference
    Work Reference Name

    Henning Muller

    Work Reference Institution

    High Sports Brighton

    Description of work performed

    9 routes set between grades 4+ and 7c