• Basic Details

    Mack Denner

    About me

    IRATA Level 1, Working at Heights, White Card.

    Your Setting Experience

    Route-setter at Rocksports Indoor Climbing (January 2019-November 2019)
    Route-setter at 9 Degrees Brisbane (June 2019-Present)
    Attended Foundations of Setting, hosted by Jack Masel at 9 Degrees Sydney (November 2019)


    Australia / Queensland

    Setter ability

    Boulder (unroped), Route (roped)

  • Boulder Setter Reference
    Work Reference Institution

    9 Degrees Brisbane

    Description of work performed

    Setting ~10 Boulders in a team of two/three people each setting day.

  • Working at Height
    Working at height documentation

    Valid IRATA

    Certification Expiry Date


  • Route Setter Reference
    Work Reference Name

    Alistair Early

    Work Reference Institution

    Rocksports Indoor Climbing

    Description of work performed

    Setting off of top rope with descender and pulley system; set 4-7 routes per setting day, as a single setter, or in a team of two.