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    About me

    UK Freelance setter. Polish Sport Climbing and Mountainering instructor. Polish Rope Acces instructor
    Polish First Aid instructor. Instructor of martial arts (Israeli Krav Maga) .
    I have been climbing Differnet regions on the world in sommer and winter contitions, especialy Polish High Tatras, Austrian Alps, Croatia limestone, UK Peak District, such as indoor sport climbing and bouldering. I am a owner of Climbing school in Poland , also i am a Martial Arts passionate. Few years ago started my experience with routesetting arround all world.

    Your Setting Experience

    I have been climbing since 2011, Routesetting since 2018. I have experience in regular, daily routing and boulder leagues. I like to set out the “Flow” style of routes, smooth movements and sequences of movements required to overcome a problem. My range is 7b rope and V7 bouldering. My favorite difficulty range is: 6a-6c rope and V3-V5 Bouldering. I have Polish qualifications as a sports climbing instructor lvl 3, as well as industrial climbing instructor and first aid. As an instructor I know how important it is to set good quality routes for beginners and for those who want to develop their skills while enjoying it and doing it in a safe way.


    United Kingdom / South East

    Setter ability

    Boulder (unroped), Route (roped), International Competition

  • Boulder Setter Reference
    Work Reference Institution

    Climbing equipment shop and climbing school

    Description of work performed

    I’m working there as a part time job as climbing instructor, rope acces instructor, first aid instructor.
    I’m also a freelance routesetter experienced witch climbing leagues setting, rope and boulders.

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    Other certification

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    It's a Polisch Academy of Sport Rope Acces Instructor Certificate (with no expire date)

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    Jakub Climbing Performance

    Work Reference Institution

    Climbing Coahing

    Description of work performed

    I have set routes and boulders in Chithin climbing, in Baltoro Climbing Centre, such as boulder leagues.