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    Stefan Kolev

    About me

    My name is Stefan Kolev- 20 years old , currently I am a student in London.I am a highly a experienced climber from Bulgaria. I started climbing back in 2005 when I was a child.
    I have been a part of the Bulgarian youth national team for 5 years and I have participated in 10 Europian Youth Cups, furthermore in 2008,2009,2010,2013 I became the overall youth champion in Bulgaria for the ages 12-13, 14-15, 18-19. However now I mainly climb on rock and I am interested in route setting. My current level is 8b in lead and 7c+/8a in bouldering.

    Your Setting Experience

    I have experience in route setting as well, I have been several times a part of the route setting team of Bulgaria’s nationals in bouldering. Also as a plus I have a wide knowledge for climbing holds and gear. This year I was happy to be a part of the team of “Xcult- climbing holds and walls” at the “OutDoor” expo in Friedrichshafen (Germany). At the moment I am a part-time route setter at “Arch” climbing gym in London. However I wish to freelance all over the UK , meet different people and set as most as possible.


    United Kingdom / London, United Kingdom / North West, United Kingdom / South East, United Kingdom / South West, United Kingdom / Yorkshire and the Humber

    Setter ability

    Boulder (unroped)

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    Work Reference Institution


    Description of work performed

    Organisation and setting for national and commersial competitions in Bulgaria.