• Basic Details

    Karishma Rogerson

    About me

    Started my journey as an instructor at TCA Glasgow (Newsroom) , working as an instructor and coach at EICA Ratho for the past 1.5 years.

    Your Setting Experience

    Route setting for TCA Newsroom and Prop Store as well as EICA Ratho, ropes and boulders.


    United Kingdom / Scotland

    Setter ability

    Boulder (unroped), Route (roped)

  • Boulder Setter Reference
    Work Reference Institution

    The Climbing Academy – Newsroom and Prop Store

    Description of work performed

    Boulder setting at different grades

  • Working at Height
    Working at height documentation

    Valid IRATA

    If 'other certification' please give details


  • Route Setter Reference
    Work Reference Name

    Nic Crawshaw

    Work Reference Institution

    EICA Ratho

    Description of work performed

    Route setting
    RSA2 and iRata level 1