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    János Plocher

    About me

    Hey there,

    my name is János, I am 24 and student from Germany starting my master in London this October 2016. I have studied Sports Engineering, pursuing my passion for sports in general. I have been climbing over 18 years now. I have been a former competitive climber in a regional german sports climbing pool who competed regularly in regional and national lead and boulder cups (temporarily in the national team and participant at a european cup).
    Since 2011 I have a trainers license for sport climbing from the German Alpine Association, teaching people everything from basic fundamentals of climbing to special technique training. Until now, I have worked in 3 climbing gyms. I started with the supervision of youth groups and partial route setting, made climbing courses for people from all age groups and finally worked in a boulder gym for the last 1,5 years setting boulders every 2-4 weeks. Since the gym is owned by Blocz.de Climbing Equipment, I have had the chance to not only test the new volumes and holds, but also gained a lot of experince in setting a great variety of problems. This way I was invited by another gym this year to set boulder problems for them from time to time.
    In order to finance my year here in London and because climbing defines my life, I am looking for a side job as an occasional route setter, preferably for boulders.

    Your Setting Experience

    Boulders (regularly)
    Competitions (Testing and grading difficulties, but I haven’t had the chance to set something myself yet)


    United Kingdom / London

    Setter ability

    Boulder (unroped)

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    Work Reference Institution

    Boulderlounge Chemnitz

    Description of work performed

    Behind the counter
    Course instructor