• Basic Details

    Jordan Peaker

    About me

    I am a devoted climber of roughly 10 years with an extensive range of climbing experience both within the UK and abroad. Some of my notable achievements include bouldering up to a grade of V9 route climbing to a grade of f8a and trad climbing to E5. I believe i possess a very creative mindset and could thrive within the route setting industry given the opportunity to prove myself to an employer. I am currently based as a full time coach at Boulder UK in Preston, a facility providing top quality routes for both competitive and outdoor athletes. Some of my current qualifications include SPA, CWLA, ML, FUNdamentals 1 & 2, Development coach.

    Your Setting Experience

    After undertaking my RSA level 1 I was able to set the bouldering walls at Westview leisure centre a handful of times before moving jobs and taking a backseat on the setting front. However upon completing my RSA level 2 at the foundry in 2017 I am keen to consolidate what I have learnt and get stuck in on the ropes. I am new and would appreciate any work offered to enhance my portfolio


    United Kingdom / North West

    Setter ability

    Boulder (unroped), Route (roped)

  • Boulder Setter Reference
    Work Reference Institution

    Westview Leisure Centre

    Description of work performed

    Resetting of bouldering walls