• Basic Details

    Jonathan (Jonny) Jefferies

    About me

    Senior Instructor at Newcastle Under Lyme’s Council Climbing Wall JUBILEE 2 in Staffordshire.

    CWLA, SPA and CWA teaching for 10+years, Setting for 6.

    Your Setting Experience

    Trained In Scotland 2008-10 at Inverness Leisure using twin lines/Duel rope System, setting for all comps at local wall and regional north Scotland youth comps. Since moving back down south I’ve set just smaller bouldering and traverse walls. Mainly Peak Pursuits in Audley Climbing Centre, Kilnworx in Burlesm and Jubilee2 in Newcastle Under Lyme.

    Recently completed the RSA Level 2 Route Setter Course at Manchester Climbing Centre 11-12/03/2015.


    United Kingdom / West Midlands

    Setter ability

    Boulder (unroped), Route (roped), Local Competition

  • Working at Height
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    Valid RSA Course

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    Rsa Lvl 2 Route Setter roped and Bouldering Wall

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