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    About me

    I’m a 25 year old human being made up of bones, muscle, skin and fat. Lots of fat. I haul my fat ass up walls and trees, metal structures and basically anything that tickles my fancy. This urge to climb has made me feel like there is purpose in this world, it has earnt me money, taken me to places dreams are made of and it has generally made me pretty darn happy. Unfortunately for me this passion is contradicted by my equal desire to consume monumental amounts of food.

    Your Setting Experience

    I first set in Australia in a brand new climbing gym called Crank. I made a mess of it, but I was still learning my own styles and figuring out if it was just me who wanted to swing around like a chimp, turns out it was (to some extent). I then worked at Urban climb and got to watch the pros, had a go at setting a few low grades with my work being heavily analysed. I then found myself working at the Lab back in Leeds. I was pretty bad at understanding that not everyone is 6 foot with the ape index of Sharma, so found myself getting a lot of mixed feedback. But after a few more goes and wise words from well experienced comp setters, I feel I can now set some pretty fun unique problems and with a good eye for all shapes and sizes of climbers.


    United Kingdom / Yorkshire and the Humber

    Setter ability

    Boulder (unroped), Local Competition

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    Description of work performed

    Centre manager coordinated routesetting operations