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    Garry Lister

    About me

    I’ve been climbing consistently for around 7 years but have more or less climbed since I could walk. My career in route-setting started roughly 5 years ago in Australia, where I found work in a center and told them I could set (had no idea). I was hooked, since then I’ve been setting regularly at centers in Leeds. I’m BMC Fundamentals and CWA trained, with trade skills and a couple of years rope access experience. I can work fast, efficiently and in a safe manner, whatever best suits your centre. I currently also work as a part-time contractor which pays all the bills, but gives me a lot of free time – so I’m looking for setting work purely out of passion – which isn’t indicative of free labour! Finally, I have a complete setters kit including my own ladders, safety equipment and a large array of tools.

    Your Setting Experience

    My setting experience is mainly in bouldering, with experience setting children’s grades all the way up to V8+ sets. I can efficiently test up to around V11/f8A. I’m competent with ascenders and I’m also trained to operate scissor lifts & cherry pickers if that’s how you operate. Big wall route testing up to F7c+/8a but no current specific experience setting here.


    United Kingdom / East Midlands, United Kingdom / East of England, United Kingdom / Wales, United Kingdom / West Midlands, United Kingdom / Yorkshire and the Humber

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    Boulder (unroped), Route (roped), Local Competition

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    Boulder setter, route setter, instructor, coach

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    3 years rope access experience in Telecommunications