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    Drew B Meyer

    About me

    I am a climber, designer, and explorer.

    Your Setting Experience

    I have been route setting almost as long as I have been climbing. I started route setting at my home gym in Nashville, Tennessee in 2007. Shortly after that I move to Chattanooga, Tennessee to climb and go to college at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where I studdied Graphics Design, and Photography and I minored in Business and Communications. While in college I set at Tennessee Bouldering Authority, and I ran the UTC Climbing Gym from its creation for the first five years as Gym Manager, Head Route Setter, Instructor/Coach, and Trip guide. I took the Assistant Head Route Setter at High Point Climbing And Fittness upon its openning in December of 2013. I am a USAC level 1 route setter and a PCIA lead and tr instructor. I have set and been the competition coordinator for 20+ Completions including 6 USAC regional completions


    United States / Tennessee

    Setter ability

    Boulder (unroped), Route (roped), Paraclimbing, Local Competition, National Competition