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    About me

    Good day! My name is Georgiy! I’m coach and instructor by climbing. I trained people during last few years. I work with people which have diferent levels of preparation. I have an big experience in the routesetter for bouldering and rope. I’m in Russia now, in Saint-Petersburg.
    In as routesetter : with 2013 years.

    Bouldering :
    Flash 8a
    Red point 8b
    Flash 7C+
    Red point 8b

    Your Setting Experience

    2017- ….. Head routesetter on climbing gym El Capitan (Saint Petersburg, http://elcapitan.club )
    23.04.2018 Head Routesetter on official open champion orlovvskoi area.
    02.09.2018 XCUP festival
    23.09.2018 Head Routesetter 5×5 competition El Capitan
    12-14.10.2018 Head Routesetter on open climbing gym Energy Height
    10.11.2018 Igels non stop bouldering festival
    23.11-25.11.2018 Head Routesetter on official Championship YANAO
    22.12.2018 XCUP FESTIVAL
    01.02.2019 Luchi Lucha festival
    02.03.2019 Head Routesetter on official open champion orlovvskoi area.


    Germany / Baden-Württemberg, Germany / Bavaria, Germany / Berlin, Germany / Bremen, Germany / Hamburg

    Setter ability

    Boulder (unroped), Route (roped), Local Competition

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    Work Reference Institution

    +78123478400 elcapitan.club

    Description of work performed

    Since 2017 -…… Head Routesetter

  • Working at Height
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    Other certification

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    National course routesetters 2018

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  • Local Comp Reference
    Work Reference Name

    Open champion orlovvskoi area 2019

    Work Reference Institution

    No institute

    Description of work performed

    Head Routesetter