• Basic Details

    Callum Taylor

    About me

    Freelance Setter and Coach based in the Midlands.
    SPA, CWLA, Dev Coach (trained).
    Setting for 2 years on both ply and bendcrete walls. Boulders up to V6 and routes up to 7a+.


    Day rate £120 inc travel. Insured and VAT registered.

    Your Setting Experience

    2 years boulders and routes up to 7a+ and V6 at Surrey Summit, Bear Rock, Redpoint Worcester and The Climbing Station


    United Kingdom / East Midlands, United Kingdom / East of England, United Kingdom / London, United Kingdom / North East, United Kingdom / South East, United Kingdom / West Midlands

    Setter ability

    Boulder (unroped), Route (roped)

  • Boulder Setter Reference
    Work Reference Institution

    Surrey Summit

    Description of work performed

    Ropes and Boulders

  • Working at Height
    Working at height documentation

    Valid RSA Course

    Certification Expiry Date


  • Route Setter Reference
    Work Reference Name

    Alan Jephcott

    Work Reference Institution

    Bear Rock Climbing Centre, University of Warwick

    Description of work performed

    Routes up to 7a+ on all angles of wall both plywood and bendcrete
    Comfortable with rescue procedures, equipment usage and centre setting requirements