• Basic Details

    David Cross

    About me

    Nearly 30 years experience with over 100 FA.
    Guidebook creator and hold designer at Padstar Holds.
    UK Rep’ for Euro Holds.

    Your Setting Experience

    Regular setter at The Warehouse, Gloucester and regular guest setter at Forest Climbing Ltd, Forest of Dean.
    October 2019 : Rock and Raipid, N. Devon. Guest Setter at brand new facility.
    October 2019 : The barn, Tavistock, Devon. Guest Setter.
    I have been setting boulder problems for over ten years. Recently completed RSA Level 1 Boulder Setter with Ben Humphris. Put up several problems at TCA, Bristol as part of a Holds Test and same at Rock Star, Swindon.


    United Kingdom / South West, United Kingdom / Wales, United Kingdom / West Midlands

    Telephone Number


    Setter ability

    Boulder (unroped), Local Competition

  • Boulder Setter Reference
    Work Reference Institution

    Forest Climbing Ltd

    Description of work performed

    Stripping holds, setting new boulder problems, generally in the Font 5 to 7a region.