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Climbing wall manager, professional routesetter and RSA L1 course deliverer. I understand the interests of all the stakeholders involved with route-setting, allowing me to provide an efficient, high quality and safe service. A decade of setting experience and 15+ years of rock climbing experience give me a huge wealth of...

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I have been an avid climber for around 10 years, which includes all aspects of the sport from bouldering and sport through to winter mixed and alpine north faces. I am currently based in Bristol working as the Route Setting Manager at Redpoint Climbing Centre. I am able and willing...

Profile picture of simon rawlinson

I have worked within the climbing wall industry for over 15years, with the past 10years focused as a Coach and Route Setter. I am currently based within South Wales at Boulders, Cardiff. My climbing CV includes all disciplines from Alpine to Bouldering from which I have achieved high standards. My...

Profile picture of Stefan Kolev

My name is Stefan Kolev- 20 years old , currently I am a student in London.I am a highly a experienced climber from Bulgaria. I started climbing back in 2005 when I was a child. I have been a part of the Bulgarian youth national team for 5 years and I...

Profile picture of Chris Kirkpatrick

I currently work full time at The XC in Hemel Hempstead.

Profile picture of Charles Romijn

I have a natural passion for creating climbing moves and routes, which started with building and using my own home bouldering walls. I have spent the past ten years developing my route setting skills at commercial walls, creating routes that appeal to all types of climber. In my...

Profile picture of Nate McMullan

I have been Route Setting professionally for around 8 years and strive to set the most interesting and challenging problems and routes across the grade range. Climbing Wall Services (my company) specialises in large sets with a full strip, wash and re-set service. The CWS sets are fast and very...

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My name is Sam Yates Im 20yrs old and currently works as an instructor at an indoor wall and i have been climbing for around 3 yrs in any style thats offered but i manly boulder.

Profile picture of Rich "Tricky" Hudson

I'm a freelance route setter and personal trainer. I'm now mainly a boulderer and boulder setter. I started setting at the Castle, London, in 2005, and now set at most London walls.

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About 15 years ago I started route setting (roped) in my home country The Netherlands to support my study neuro-ethology and additional teaching degree. After finishing my degree and completing 5 years of PhD research, I moved over to England. Ever since I moved over (about 6 years ago) climbing...



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