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Profile picture of Chloe Condron

Full time climber, route setter, instructor, and outdoor enthusiast. I've been climbing for almost 6 years, working in the industry for 3 and plan to continue doing so for the foreseeable future. Work ethic and attention to detail are my strong suits. Based and regularly setting in Dublin but happy...

Profile picture of Guillermo Burba

I live in Spain, I'm a climber over sixteen years of experience. Also very active in competitions, I participated in both national and international. I love more sport climbing and bouldering, but usually do also traditional climbing. I am Climber guide certificated TD2 and member of the AEGM (the Spanish Association of...

Profile picture of Brian Hall

Professional Route Setter based in Dublin, Ireland

Profile picture of James Garden

I’m a 26 year old climber and route setter from Manchester. I've been climbing for over 15 years and have competed on the British team for over a decade. I love the multifaceted aspect of climbing and enjoy every style but spend most of my time sampling the bouldering both...

Profile picture of Thomas Gissing

I am a route setter from Queensland, Australia. I am a keen outdoor climber, and work in the indoor climbing industry as a route setter and in gym operations generally.

Profile picture of Jay Carr

Climber since 2000. Setter since 2012. Freelance coach and routesetter. I live in Aberdeen, Scotland. Climbed upto f8a+, E8 6b, 8A on various rock types and styles. Climbing Instructor at Transition Extreme. FUNdas 1,2 & 3 PT for Climbing 1 CWA Award Foundation Coach trained CWLA trained Contact me at:

Profile picture of Alex Mason

Climbing wall manager, professional routesetter and RSA L1 course deliverer. I understand the interests of all the stakeholders involved with route-setting, allowing me to provide an efficient, high quality and safe service. A decade of setting experience and 15+ years of rock climbing experience give me a huge wealth of...

Profile picture of Terry O'Connor

Manager and route setter in Gravity Climbing Center Dublin

Profile picture of Greg Karolak

Former Polish Sport Climbing Team Member, Bouldering [2004,2007]. Recently, involved in coaching as well as routesetting activity, using his passion & experience to promote & popularize Bouldering discipline in Poland.

Profile picture of Stefan Gatti

I've been climbing for 6+ years and been involved with climbing walls since 2012, specifically at Transition Extreme in Aberdeen where I worked full-time as supervisor for over 1 year. I developed and ran the Winter Bouldering Series over 2013/14 and co-ordinated sponsorship and the early stages of organisation in...

Profile picture of Drew B Meyer

I am a climber, designer, and explorer.

Profile picture of Aaron Eden

I am a routesetter and climber from Burlington, Ontario. I am the head routesetter at Climber's Rock and love creating movement for climbers of all ages and abilities.



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