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Profile picture of Charles Romijn

I have a natural passion for creating climbing moves and routes, which started with building and using my own home bouldering walls. I have spent the past ten years developing my route setting skills at commercial walls, creating routes that appeal to all types of climber. In my...

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I manage Energise Climbing Wall in York

Profile picture of Joe Doherty

I am based in Tywyn, Wales and I am a keen climber and an Aspirant MIA

Profile picture of Mike Dobinson

I am an outdoor instructor currently working with The Outward Bound Trust. I have been working in the industry for nearly 10 years teaching various watersports and land bassed sports.

Profile picture of Greg Karolak

Former Polish Sport Climbing Team Member, Bouldering [2004,2007]. Recently, involved in coaching as well as routesetting activity, using his passion & experience to promote & popularize Bouldering discipline in Poland.

Profile picture of Ashley

I live in North Idaho. I have been climbing for the past 18 years. For the last year I have been manufacturing my own climbing holds and volumes for the local nonprofit gym. Also I just recently became a board member for the local bouldering gym and was selected as...

Profile picture of Stefan Gatti

I've been climbing for 6+ years and been involved with climbing walls since 2012, specifically at Transition Extreme in Aberdeen where I worked full-time as supervisor for over 1 year. I developed and ran the Winter Bouldering Series over 2013/14 and co-ordinated sponsorship and the early stages of organisation in...

Profile picture of Adam Knightly

10+ years climbing experience in every discipline. Climbing wall technician and qualified climbing instructor/coach. IRATA level 1 Certified

Profile picture of Dave Sears

Climber since a young child, been teaching almost 9 yrs, now running a small wall and starting setting routes.

Profile picture of Jonathan (Jonny) Jefferies

Senior Instructor at Newcastle Under Lyme's Council Climbing Wall JUBILEE 2 in Staffordshire. CWLA, SPA and CWA teaching for 10+years, Setting for 6.

Profile picture of Sam

I live in the Lake District and have been climbing for about 5 years. I am a keen climber in all disciplines: F7b+, V10, E5. I am a boulderer at heart but I enjoy trying everything. I am currently head setter at Kendal Wall.

Profile picture of Drew B Meyer

I am a climber, designer, and explorer.



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