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    James Hickman

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    My name is James Hickman and I am a keen sport climber and boulderer. I currently work for high sports as an instructor and route setter. But as of recently I have been working for different tree surgeons as a groundsman in my local area and in London. I am mainly a boulderer but I don’t shy away from sport climbing I love both but I enjoy participating in bouldering competitions and this has been my main focus for the past year. I enjoy training for this as it is something to aim for as I don’t get to climb outdoors that much but always take up an opportunity to if it presents itself. Climbing is my main sport, I used to do a lot of track and field when I was younger but slowly went towards climbing as my main activity. However I love all sports which is why I will be enrolling in a sports therapy degree at the end of the year. I like to train hard, I like to better myself in climbing and most of all I like to have fun with it.

    Your Setting Experience

    Working as an instructor at high sports led me to be able to do a little setting when I started out but I started setting at a London centre called the Biscuit Factory. I did a trial set there and then a setting test which I passed and then went to set at there neighbouring centre building one. This was brief however because I then got regular setting at my local centre for High Sports. In which I have done many boulder sets and a few rope sets after I completed my RSA level 2. I have also set at another London centre called Vauxwall who I have set for a couple of times. I mainly boulder set but I rope set as well.


    United Kingdom / London, United Kingdom / South East

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    Boulder (unroped), Route (roped)

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    James Hickman